Is Thinkers.inq for my child?
Thinkers.inq is all about exploring and developing wellbeing, competency and portable thinking. So we feel the answer is YES!
Does Thinkers.inq cater for special needs?
Every individual need of each child is carefully explored prior to enrolment. We do our best to cater for your child within the framework of Thinkers.inq. If we are unable to cater for your child we will do our best to provide information regarding other locations and speciality service provisions.
What age group does Thinkers.inq cater for?
We accept enrolments for two, three, four and five year-olds.  
Can I start my child at Thinkers.inq at any time during the year?
Yes. If there is a position available, you can start your child at any time throughout the year. For just the preschool program children need to be three years of age and be completely toilet trained. If your child is joining us in the two year-old program they do not need to be toilet trained.
What are the hours at Thinkers.inq?
Thinkers.inq opens at 7:00 AM and closes at 6:30 PM, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the calendar year.
How do I enrol my child into Thinkers.inq?
Go to www.thinkersinq.com/enrol and download the application form or contact us on 1300 697 737.
Is there a waiting list at Thinkers.inq?
Yes. Please call 1300 697 737 or inquire online to put your child on the waiting list.
Will my child have trouble fitting in at primary school after attending Thinkers.inq?
Your child will be empowered to be a problem solver and a critical thinker. This means that their thinking will be transferable into a primary school space, influencing their confidence and preparing them for whatever comes their way.
Do I need to supply food for my child at Thinkers.inq?
Thinkers.inq will provide all food. Our food programmer is Alexx Stuart of Real Food and Low Tox Living. She is also part of the Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. For more information on our delicious and nutritious menu please see our Nutrition page.
Will my child explore early literacy and numeracy at Thinkers.inq?
Yes, without a doubt and particularly in the preschool program. We explore literacy and numeracy in everything we do. We do not, however, have allocated time for literacy – all opportunities for literacy and numeracy development are embedded into natural curiosity and creative thinking.
What are the staff to child ratios?
The ratios at Thinkers.inq are 1:10 as per government requirements for the preschool program and 1:5 for the two year-old program. The Thinkers.inq staff, will be either Early Childhood Bachelor or Diploma trained which exceeds government requirements around qualifications. All bachelor trained staff will be paid at primary school rates rather than the lower child care rates.
Is there a fee to join the waitlist?
Yes, the application fee, which becomes part of the fees. Therefore it is not extra. Once your child is enrolled at Thinkers.inq this amount will be deducted from the prepayment. 
Does my child need to be toilet trained before starting at Thinkers.inq?
Yes, if your child is enrolling in the preschool program they must be completely toilet trained before commencing at Thinkers.inq. If your child is enrolling in the two year-old program this is not a necessity.
How early should I waitlist my child?
We recommend you waitlist as early as possible to secure a position.
Is there an initial payment required to confirm enrolment?
There is an initial upfront application fee of $275. If enrolment is accepted we ask that four weeks of gross fees are paid within five working days to secure enrolment. This is not a bond and will be used in lieu of additional payments for your child’s final weeks with Thinkers.inq.
What is the enrolment process?
1. Make inquiry
2. Complete the application form
3. Interview with the Principal and take a tour of Thinkers.inq to meet other educators
4. Confirmation of enrolment with all paperwork and payments finalised
Are there a minimum number of days for enrolment?
Yes, two or more consecutive days, which must include a Monday or Friday. To gain optimum impact of the program our recommended number of days is three or more.
What are your daily fees?
Our daily fees are $132 per day for the preschool program and $139 per day for the two year-old program. This fee also includes breakfast, lunch and snacks. Thinkers.inq is a CCB and CCR approved facility. There is also a family rate when more than one child is enrolled at Thinkers.inq
How do I pay my fees?
All fees are payable via direct debit from either your credit card or nominated bank account. If additional fees are incurred these will be debited on the day of incursion.
Can I visit Thinkers.inq before enrolment?
Yes, of course. Please call to make an appointment 1300 697 737.

Apply now about enrolment or contact us to further discuss how we can help.



'We absolutely love your centre and have nothing but praise for you all. Starting a new place brings with it some fears particularly with separation anxiety, but each day we have had no problems with drop-offs. We thought our daughter would be upset over separation again, but she and her brother are happy to go with no tears at all. That is amazing and shows the comfort and kindness you all show them.

The "word on the street" is what an amazing preschool you have, and I promise that we are adding to that with praise for all that you do.

Lisa    June 20, 2018  

Since sending our 3-year-old son to Thinkers.inq it has been wonderful to see his progress, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The learning strategies have supported his development and it is a pleasure to see his confidence and enthusiasm grow week on week. He is always excited to show and share with us the day’s activities. A great team that have created delightful surroundings accompanied by an excellent healthy food menu. We feel fortunate to be part of the Thinkers.inq family.

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Julie and Duncan    April 7, 2015  

I remember the sunny evening we visited Thinkers.inq. A space of possibility: colourful, creative and inspired. We absorbed a crafts corner with easels and brushes, a ‘corner store’, wooden furniture, cute picnic tables ready for pint-sized picnickers. Further inspection revealed the outdoor amphitheater, the organic gardens, fruit trees, handmade puzzles and high grade, integrated technology. No heavy reliance on plastic toys and ‘babysitting’ here!

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Tanya    April 2, 2015  

..I then heard about Thinkers.inq and from the first moment there I knew I had found what I was looking for our son. The family environment and warmth, the resources available, the inquiry based programming, the space and use of it and to just top it off the amazing healthy no ‘nasties’ food focus...

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Samantha    April 1, 2015