Thinkers.inq Preschool is a dynamic & vibrant learning community where we celebrate children’s creative thinking, problem solving and imagination everyday.

Our Preschool program runs Monday to Friday, 6:45am to 6:30pm, 50 weeks of the year.

  • Preschool Philosophy

    Fostering curiosity to encourage inquirers and develop thinkers with creative and critical thinking is central in all we do.

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  • Creative Thinking

    Creative thinking is the process of capturing, exploring & developing thoughts to identify & build the potential of every child.

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  • Play With Purpose

    Using play purposefully to become immersed in the moment, encouraging uninhibited ideas and thinking drives learning.

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  • Literacy and Numeracy

    Does emergent numeracy and literacy have a place in an early education space? At Thinkers.inq we believe it does. Find out.

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Thinkers.inq Preschool is the most innovative early learning space on Sydney’s northern beaches. Our point of difference here at Thinkers.inq preschool is that everything we do is born out of curiosity. Preschool children are experts at exploring and being imaginative and so we draw upon this genius and allow it to guide our creative thinking and problem solving. This resonates with our vision – educére (the latin term for education); to draw out and lead forth. We are all about creating a community of thinkers that supports the natural inclination of young, curious minds to inquire about the world around them. Our preschool teaching and learning programs then encapsulate this philosophy offering play with purpose in each experience to every child.

Our play space has been designed to cater for the every need of the pre-schooler with purpose built playrooms, outdoor play environments and specially designed learning spaces. The Preschool has plenty of parking and is a secure building so that you can rest easy when your little learner is with us.

At Thinkers.inq we recognise that our team of preschool teachers are at the heat of our organisation and form the engine for how we move forward. To that end our teachers are highly qualified professionals.

At Thinkers.inq Preschool we don’t just talk about building curiosity and inquiry for the children want this also for our teaching team so that they can be the best they can for your children. We also pride ourselves on our level of supervision offering higher staff ratios than what is required under the Children’s Services Regulations.

It is important to note that our preschool program runs the full length of our opening hours (6:45am to 6:30pm). That means we are not a day-care or a childcare facility but rather an early years school.

We have a whole food programme here at the preschool where we serve 4 meals a day from chemical free meats to wholesome fresh produce.

We truly value and encourage parents to be involved in their pre-schooler’s program, so please feel free to contribute your ideas or skills at any time as you partner with us.


Since sending our 3-year-old son to Thinkers.inq it has been wonderful to see his progress, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The learning strategies have supported his development and it is a pleasure to see his confidence and enthusiasm grow week on week. He is always excited to show and share with us the day’s activities. A great team that have created delightful surroundings accompanied by an excellent healthy food menu. We feel fortunate to be part of the Thinkers.inq family.

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Julie and Duncan   April 7, 2015

I remember the sunny evening we visited Thinkers.inq. A space of possibility: colourful, creative and inspired. We absorbed a crafts corner with easels and brushes, a ‘corner store’, wooden furniture, cute picnic tables ready for pint-sized picnickers. Further inspection revealed the outdoor amphitheater, the organic gardens, fruit trees, handmade puzzles and high grade, integrated technology. No heavy reliance on plastic toys and ‘babysitting’ here!

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Tanya   April 2, 2015

..I then heard about Thinkers.inq and from the first moment there I knew I had found what I was looking for our son. The family environment and warmth, the resources available, the inquiry based programming, the space and use of it and to just top it off the amazing healthy no ‘nasties’ food focus...

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Samantha   April 1, 2015