An early years and preschool program that celebrates children’s creative thinking, problem solving and imagination through purposeful play


Creative thinking is the process of capturing, exploring & developing thoughts to identify & build the potential of every child.


Using play purposefully to become immersed in the moment, encouraging uninhibited ideas and thinking drives learning.

literacy and numeracy

Does emergent numeracy and literacy have a place in an early education space? At Thinkers.inq we believe it does. Find out.

nutrition program

Our food program will be one that supports our children in both mind and body, giving them slow burning steady fuel snacks.


We are an early years community and preschool incorporating project based learning and play based problem solving.

Our philosophy is based upon the principle of educére: to draw out and lead forth. Our aim is to draw out young learners’ capacity and to take them on a journey to explore the world around them. This idea is what we aspire to at Thinkers.inq, for all children, families and communities; for now, and the future.

Play is a key component to the development of every person and purpose-filled play sets every person up to flourish in life. As such we see staff, families children and ourselves alike, as competent players and resourceful researchers; ready to learn, grow and adapt to our changing world.

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Excellence and Diversity

In everything we do, our thoughts and all of our actions are aligned with excellence, while understanding and exercising diversity in every form.

Innovative Spaces

Environments with the potential to become whatever creative and critical thinking needs them to be, full of air and light with curious objects to build ideas and encourage thinking.

Creative and Critical Thinking

All ideas and learnings at Thinkers.inq follow creative and critical thinking practices for inquisitive and effective problem solving.

Sustainable, Transformative Business Solutions

A business solution with future opportunities across multiple locations to offer great learning for all. Our model provides business acumen for all educators so they can be resourceful and effective educators to carry out the values of Thinkers.inq.

Championing Educators

The most valuable resource at Thinkers.inq are our educators. Our staff will be highly trained, well paid and will be an integral part of our transformational community.



Central to all relationships and embedded in educational and business outcomes.


Exploring life, invoking curiosity and creating the journey rather than simply celebrating the destination.

Can-do attitude

Engaging the right people with the
right attitude to work with us to achieve our goal.


Knowledge building is key to developing a competent fulfilled life. We see our staff, families and children as researchers; ready to learn, grow and be adaptable in our fast paced and ever changing world.


Act as change agents

Understanding that change matters because it is pivotal to the progress and growth of our children.

Creative and critical thinking

Transferable thinking skills that empower us to achieve true innovation in all that we put our hand to.

Excellence in leadership
and business

Great leadership in all that we do with a sustainable business solution across all environments and cultures.


‘We absolutely love your centre and have nothing but praise for you all. Starting a new place brings with it some fears particularly with separation anxiety, but each day we have had no problems with drop-offs. We thought our daughter would be upset over separation again, but she and her brother are happy to go with no tears at all. That is amazing and shows the comfort and kindness you all show them.

The “word on the street” is what an amazing preschool you have, and I promise that we are adding to that with praise for all that you do.


June 20, 2018  

Since sending our 3-year-old son to Thinkers.inq it has been wonderful to see his progress, they create a really positive environment for the kids! The learning strategies have supported his development and it is a pleasure to see his confidence and enthusiasm grow week on week. He is always excited to show and share with us the day’s activities. A great team that have created delightful surroundings accompanied by an excellent healthy food menu. We feel fortunate to be part of the Thinkers.inq family.

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Julie and Duncan   

April 7, 2015  

I remember the sunny evening we visited Thinkers.inq. A space of possibility: colourful, creative and inspired. We absorbed a crafts corner with easels and brushes, a ‘corner store’, wooden furniture, cute picnic tables ready for pint-sized picnickers. Further inspection revealed the outdoor amphitheater, the organic gardens, fruit trees, handmade puzzles and high grade, integrated technology. No heavy reliance on plastic toys and ‘babysitting’ here!

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April 2, 2015  

..I then heard about Thinkers.inq and from the first moment there I knew I had found what I was looking for our son. The family environment and warmth, the resources available, the inquiry based programming, the space and use of it and to just top it off the amazing healthy no ‘nasties’ food focus…

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April 1, 2015  

Currently accepting enrolments

Thinkers.inq Preschool is a dynamic & vibrant learning community where we celebrate children’s creative thinking, problem solving & imagination everyday.

Our Junior (2-3 year old) and Preschool programs runs Monday to Friday, 7:00am to 6:30pm, 50 weeks of the year.